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Jacob Armitage is a freelance designer from Planet Earth


  1. The fundamental human capacity to consider an action before it is taken. This includes: graphic design, illustration, brand identity and animation.
  2.  An objective series of logical processes for problem solving. Overcoming the challenges of art, literature, organisation, economics and business.
  3. A practical application of aesthetics.

Design can mean a lot of different things: Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Furniture Design, Industrial Design, Architecture, Illustration, Animation, Branding or Corporate Identity. To a lot of different people: Businesses, Charities, Organisations, Celebrities, Freelancers, Sports Teams or Musicians. But when it comes down to it: Everyone designs. Every day.

Working with the world’s biggest brands

“The life of a designer is a life of fight. Fight against the ugliness. Just like a doctor fights against disease. For us, the visual disease is what we have around, and what we try to do is cure it somehow with design.”
Massimo Viginelli

12 years of creating images, graphics and illustrations to stun & inspire

How design works

Words can’t do what images can. The mind finds peace in what it can most understand.To establish intrigue as part of a plan. Or provide release, drama, humour, passion, ecstasy, calm, wonder, anything to ‘your brand’. Like water finding the the easiest route, an image leaves less for a brain to compute. Whether it’s static or on the move, Drawn by hand or with tools. Tools of metal and wood; tools of graphic trickery, with paints or with lights, accompanied by sound, smell or experience. Whether an idea is certain or up for dispute. When it comes down to communication, words and numbers remain inferior, but images, since the dawn of time, have reigned superior.

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A history of design

Artistry, it could be argued, is the world’s oldest profession. The 1,760,000 year old hand axe gives us this impression. Unlike animals, humans can build, create and administer our art.

The neocortex is the most recently developed part of the human brain. It deals with images and language, the key elements of our most recent evolution. From the very beginning the drawings on the walls of caves were there to communicate, to teach, inform, warn or entertain. Join us, those dissecting and immersed in these ancient dark arts, for there is a lot to perceive, absorb and ultimately gain.

Design process

Look around you, what do you see? Is it designed? Probably. In 2018 as in 1917. In 2015 as in 1,000BC. Bad design surrounds us. That which springs forth into reality without thought, consideration or reason. Only nature can succeed at this and indeed we, as humans, are part of nature. It is in our nature to think, to perceive, to plan, to create and so to draw, to illustrate, to design, to animate. That which is good is thought through, intentional, conceived for a purpose and a purpose succeeds.

Why design?

When we dream, do we dream in language? Yes, the language of vision. Human visions have shaped the world. Once dreamt, then designed; once imagined, then created; once conceived, then constructed. Our dreams are printed on pages. Our imaginations built as a towers to the skies.

Our meanings and intentions give birth to beaming inventions. Should we choose to direct them or let them stray free?

No fixed abode

That dog surfing on a pizza? That’s Ripley. We’re prepared to go wherever the best work is. The map below shows my current location. (Don’t get excited, it’s not real-time, you can’t stalk me.)

Part of a trusted network of creative professionals

Meaning clients get the benefits of an independent freelance designer, as well as the trust and confidence that comes with using a company for your creative needs. The best of both worlds!

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Here's what my clients have to say

  • Jacob not only executed the brand image for Young Pioneers but gave a it a visual life I could never have imagined. He's a pleasure to deal with too.

    Henry Twist Young Pioneers / Founder
  • Running a fashion business entails a lot of creative decision making, Jacob is always there to offer advice with my brand strategy. This is extracurricular, his excellent design skills are a given.

    Eren Hayashi Designer & Founder / EREN
  • Advertising is a demanding business that requires hardened creatives who can work under pressure. Jacob has gone above and beyond, working on a plethora of projects from data visualisation to straight up graphic design.

    Mike Spencer M&C Saatchi / Head of Inteligence
  • Jacob always thinks outside of the box. But he is able to contextualise those ideas into tangible creative actions as well as direct business strategy.

    Gavin Edson Creative Director
  • ELX Art is an unconventional business. It demands unconventional creative work from an intuitive and adaptive designer. But it's still a business, so at the end of the day, looking after deadlines and budgets is paramount. Jacob is able to deliver on all three counts.

    Jean-Baptiste Leroux ELX Art
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