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This is an obligatory ‘I’ve launched a new portfolio site, you’re looking at it’ news post. Since the last time I went through the internal conflict every designer experiences when creating a new portfolio, I have achieved a few things:

  1. I got a dog.
  2. I got a fiancé.
  3. I quit my job.

That means, where it used to say ‘please stop contacting me, I have a full time job designing things for a huge advertising agency.’ it now says ‘holy shit please give me some work’. But, of course, in far more and much more professional terms.

Anyhow, I’ve decided that this site should be a true reflection of myself. Can you tell? That means, rather than a heavily curated list of images from my work, I’ll be showing a more in depth look. And through social channels, showing all kinds of work from personal illustration projects to weird arty stuff. Oooh.

Peace, love and everything in-between. xoxo


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