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La Réunion Aérienne & Spatiale

I teamed up with ELX and Driving Change With Art to create an engaging, interactive art piece. Myself, together with our client, who insure air and space craft planned an event involving 100 of their staff, creating 3 artworks. In just 2 hours…

Watch the video to see how it went

A Journey From The Centre Of Everything.

The mandala is an ancient ritual motif. It can be found throughout many religions and spanning the globe, from the Mayans through to modern UFO conspiracy theorists. The disciplined drawing of circular patterns has an inspiring and meditative effect. Like the universe they represent, their creators experience creativity and calm simultaneously. Chaos and order, emotion and apathy, everything and nothing.

The mandalas we created for this project worked from the very smallest thing, an atom in the centre, to the very largest thing, a black-hole around the outer perimeter.


We begin our journey “in the domain of universal modules“, with the protons, neutrons and electrons which make up an atom. The real-world size of this element is 0.0001 ångstrom, or 0.1 nanometer, that’s one-billionth of a millimetre.

As we work outwards from the centre of the mandala the elements represented increase exponentially in size. An element 1 cm from the centre would be ten times bigger than an atom, 2 cm from the centre, 100 times bigger, and so on.


DNA doesn’t exist as an independent element floating in a vast nothingness. Rather it is an interdependent, connected string of biological information. As we zoom out from the ‘double helix’ pattern we all recognise, the DNA’s form appears as ‘beads on a string’. Eventually, as we keep stepping backward, we see a collection of DNA as a ‘chromosome’.

Skin cells, similarly, but on a larger scale, travel through multiple phases. Deep inside the skin, larger, more spacious cells form the ‘basal layer’. As we zoom out the form appears more compressed and is called the ‘spinous layer’ and eventually the ‘granular layer’.

It is here we enter a more familiar realm. Earthly rather than microscopic. We explore the patterns of observable nature and human anatomy. The spiralling orange pattern that runs throughout the human realm forms The Fibonacci Sequence: A naturally occurring mathematical phenomenon that can be found in the branches of a tree or the patterns of a flower.

The Sky Is The Limit

As we rise above The Earth, past the mountains and into the clouds, hot air balloons, planes and birds dance into the scene. Their scale, of course, not so different from ours – but the sky in which they fly is enormous.

Blast Off!

Space, the final frontier. A place of rockets, planets, satellites and moons. But it’s not the end of the mandala. The entire thing then sits within a black hole. But beyond that, who knows?

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