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Transport for London

I worked with M&C Saatchi for 3 years. Among all the brands I had the privilege of working with, Transport for London was one of the most engaging. Not only because of their appetite for beautifully simple imagery but because, living in London, I was able to see the work in action on a day to day basis.

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Creating a visual world

Transport for London’s design challenges remain as they did in 1933 when Harry Beck created (somewhat by accident) the original, iconic tube map. The mass public transit system is, by nature, both very complicated and requires ultimate simplicity. It must get anyone anywhere (complicated) but be understood by everyone everywhere. In the same way that Beck removed geographic complications, by representing the map as a mechanical diagram, the imagery we created for TFL must, without complication, directly communicate the intended message.

A complex organisation

Transport for London is responsible for: The London Underground, Buses, Dockland Light Railway, The Overground, Tramlink, River Services, Cycle Hire, Taxis & Minicabs, The Emirates Airline, and London’s roads, including; Bridges, Traffic Lights, Congestion Charging, Road Safety and demand management during international events.

Simple Communications

On top of a complex transport network, Transport for London manage payment systems for all of their services, which offer: tickets, pay as you go, travel cards and card payments.

In 2014 they introduced contactless payments. This added a new challenge not only for the transport network, but for the social environment of the city. Its success would change how Londoners make payments for the foreseeable future. All this on top of continued running of TFL’s 40 live communications briefs.

2.4 Billion

bus journeys

71 Million

contactless payments

1.3 Billion

tube journeys

100 Million

visits to journey planner

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