Young Pioneers

Young Pioneers is a Forest School in South Gloucestershire. The school adopts an educational model that “offers young people regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence through hands-on learning in a woodland environment”.

The school presents an alternative to traditional education. Their approach is a forward-thinking and positive way to embed the skills children most need in life and it is these values that we want to present through their brand image. Their ‘alternative’ approach requires an ‘alternative’ take on branding. While maintaining consistency, the brand image had to also represent the variety of nature, the multiplicity of personalities that the educational style helps, as well as the fun and creativity that children experience in the school.


Grow with nature

A Living, Breathing Visual Language

Often brand identities are dry and lifeless. Corporations depend on them not to offend, but learning, growing and developing in nature through fun activity and play is the fruitfulness of life. Young Pioneers called for a brand identity that, rather than remind us of products, resembles fun, wonder and growth.

The ‘nature’ of this visual language lends itself to any application, if applied correctly. Without the caution and hesitation that often restricts a designer, worried the identity would be left in the wrong hands, the visual elements are allowed to fully flourish just like the organic world.

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